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A large portion of the cars restored at MCR each year are Mopars. The very first project restored here won best of show at the '92 Mopar Nationals. Our strong work ethic and genuine passion for these cars has allowed us to maintain that level of excellence ever since.

The Mopar Muscle magazines to the right each feature an MCR restored Mopar on the cover.

OE restored Mopars, if done correctly, can be an enjoyable and smart investment. Bringing a car back to it's factory original state is one of our specialties. There's only two ways you can get a car like the ones below. You can either go back in time and seal one up, or you can send what's left of yours to us.

above: MCR restored 1970 Challenger

above: MCR restored 1973 Cuda

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The '72 Pro-Touring Cuda below is on the completely other end of the spectrum. Saying this car has been modernized would be a understatement. We're willing and capable of taking a project to wherever it's dreamt to be. In this case Chrysler's new 6.1L Hemi engine, one-off carbon fiber parts, and a competition style roll cage were just the start.

"Most people would write about his quality of work, but I wish to tell about his personality and the people that he surrounds himself with. Besides, with the many trophies, awards, magazine articles, and even television appearances they speak for his work. I have learned through the many years of working with John, that you can trust his work, decisions, and his knowledgeable employees. I feel that I have a great friend in John that has evolved over the years. ..."

   - Nicholas Suckow (Proud owner of the '68 Blown Hemi Charger below)

We have restored a large number of B-body Mopars over the years.

Below is one of the worlds most recognizable. This '69 Roadrunner was a Hot Rod feature car and an official / feature car for Mopar Muscle Magazine in over 9 issues. It has been displayed on Horsepower TV and in numerous car shows across the country.

above: MCR restored 1969 Roadrunner

The 69 Roadrunner below is another example of our OE restoration service.

above: MCR restored 1969 Roadrunner

Where next?

We hope this page has given you some idea of how serious we are when it comes to Mopars. From here you will want to take a look at our many awards, testimonials, and services. Be sure to watch out video tour! With over 40 thousand photographs online, our project gallery will give you an extensive look at how we operate.

If you have a Mopar in need of restoration, contact us today!

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